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“  We are the most convenient, professional and punctual car service center in Coimbatore!  

PRIME is a full service auto care facility for premium brands with service and body shop facilities.  We started PRIME with a simple objective – To offer high quality, customer centric service at great value.

Established in 2016, PRIME stemmed from nearly 60 years of auto care excellence with the Coimbatore Auto Industries (CAI) and Rajshree Ford groups.  We realised that exorbitant maintenance costs tarnished the premium car ownership experience.  Thus, we saw an opportunity to establish a facility that employed the best trained personnel using the latest technology to offer customer centric service and repair at great value.

How did we accomplish this?

Great organisations start with great people.  We recruited the best trained technicians across premium brands for PRIME.  We started quietly.  We allowed time for our team to understand the work standards  required at PRIME.  It has taken two years for us to be sufficiently satisfied for us to introduce PRIME to the world.  We believe our patience with our people will guarantee the best service for our customers.

Next, we scoured our network to find the best sources for genuine parts at the best prices to offer our great value commitment to our customers.  We are proud to declare that we offer dealership competitive parts pricing and delivery periods.

Finally, and most importantly, we ingrained customer centricity.  At PRIME, our customers’ satisfaction is paramount.  We understand the importance of repaying the trust that customers place in us.  To this end, the customer will always be right at PRIME and we will do everything in our power to ensure customer satisfaction.

So, have we been successful?

In two years, we’ve established a base of 1000 repeat customers.  We’ve grown our business purely via positive references.  We believe our customer centric approach with an intent to offer great value is working in the market.

We look forward to welcoming you to try our services.

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 ” We are the most convenient, professional and punctual car service center in Coimbatore! “


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