Car brake, pedal replacement service in Coimbatore

It’s important to know the working condition of brake system every 12 months. PRIME is one stop shop for Brake Repairs & Service in Coimbatore. The braking system is the most important part of the car even in your life. That is why PRIME ensures that there is no compromise in any part of the vehicle braking system. From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors our expert have the ability to look out the functionality of the braking system and perform repair work for all makes and models

Brakes are a normal wear item for any car. Eventually, they’re going to need to be replaced or repaired for both performance and safety reasons.


You Know When you need brake repair

1. If the brake dashboard light glows red

2. If your car brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond

3. If your brake pedal makes vibration or hear any squeal or grinding sound while applying brake.

Any Time if you feel these symptoms, don’t compromise yourself without taking your vehicle into service. It’s essential to check the braking system. At PRIME we inspect and perform brake repairs, what’s required to be changed and pay only for what required.