Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is a part of automotive maintenance, that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels, done as per the specification of the car makers. It’s been one of the major factors to look out for fuel consumptions. At PRIME we use the latest wheel alignment machine to check the alignment and steering systems direct leading and centering. The machine also reads toe-in/toe-out in all axles and also reads caster, camber and the king pin inclination. Once the wheel alignment is done, the vehicle is tested under smooth and rough roads to check its steering stability and performance. Our experts makes your car to run long life without rapid tire wear and instability


“4W” – 4 – Wheel Alignment

Required on virtually all front wheel drive models and most rear wheel drive models with independent rear suspension. Needed for proper vehicle handling, safer operation, and for maximizing Tyre life.

“4WC” – 4 Wheel Compensated Alignment

Commonly called “Thrust Angle Alignment”, recommended for rear wheel drive models with a solid rear axle. Ensures that the rear of the vehicle is tracking properly with the front which provides for proper vehicle handling and a “straight” steering wheel. .

“2W” – 2 Wheel Alignment (Front Only)

Usually used on older models where just a single tie rod adjustment is available. Steering wheel may not be centered after this type of alignment adjustment and could result in some customer dissatisfaction..

Signs of Inalignment of Tire:

– Rapid Tire Wear

– Instability in steering control

– High fuel consumption

– Uneven driving experience

PRIME – Multi Brand Car Service in Coimbatore, recommends that a car’s wheel alignment be checked every 6,000 miles / 6 months.

Wheel Balancing

The most important factor for everyone is to balance. Likewise for every automotive manufacturer spends significant time balancing the wheels. If this process is uneven or imbalanced, which result in negative impact on the car makes.

The imbalancing of wheels causes enough momentum to create a vibration in the car. It’s an easy way to find the imbalance of wheels if the steering starts to vibrate at eventual speed the front wheels to be balanced. On other the customer feels vibration in the sheets it lets to imbalancing of the rear wheel, so it’s taken to the noticeable of auto car repair expert. At PRIME our expert will check the wheel balance by placing the mounted wheel and tire on a balancer, which centers the wheel and spins it to determine where the weights should go. The goal is to distribute the weight evenly throughout the wheels and tires of the vehicle.

Maintaining proper wheel balance is a major factor in maintaining the life of the tire. Also, proper wheel balancing ensures your vehicle has a smooth and vibration free ride.

Car wheel balancing service